The NASA Inspired Pillow That Provides Zero-Gravity Support
Thousand of nano-coil fibers provide a feeling of plush weightlessness!
Pillow settings that are suited to you
Adjustable to the sleep you need
Feather and Foam pillows can't compete
Based on 676 Reviews
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Nuzzle Pillow adjusts to your needs, providing excellent neck support to help you sleep well and prevent headaches and sore, stiff neck!
NASA-inspired cooling technology draws heat away from the skin, providing thermal comfort so you’ll never sleep hot or wake up sweaty again!
Thousands of nano-coil fibers provide a feeling of weightlessness for your head & neck. Nuzzle doesn't lump up and you don't have to fluff it up.
Nuzzle Pillow offers the ultimate in comfort and support to provide you with a night of the most deep and restful sleep you've ever had.
Fully Adjustable to Give You a Perfect Night’s Sleep
I Couldn’t Believe It! How Does This Pillow Make Me Sleep So Well?
Each Nuzzle Pillow is adjustable with three different firmness settings to maximize your comfort and correct your spinal alignment. Its NASA-inspired fabric draws heat away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry, and its advanced nano-coil construction means it won’t lose its shape like other pillows.
And best of all, you get two Nuzzle Pillows with every order. It’s a great deal on a beautiful matching pair of pillows - adjust one the way you like it, and let your partner adjust their own!
The Soft Layer
Use this layer alone if you prefer a soft, gentle pillow with a thinner profile. It’s perfect for people who like to sleep on their stomachs.
The Medium Layer
Use this layer if you prefer a mid-height pillow that maintains your spinal alignment if you like sleeping on your back.
Both Layers Combined
Use both layers together to get the best of both worlds – a solid medium layer that offers firmness and spinal support, coupled with a gentle, feather-soft layer that cradles your neck, head, and face.
Thousands of nano-coil fibers support your neck & cradle your head for a feeling of plush weightlessness!
The outer shell reacts to your body temperature, absorbing heat when you're hot and releasing it when you cool down!
nuzzle™ has been vigorously lab tested to hold its shape, not just during the honeymoon phase, but for 1,001 nights and days! Plus, nuzzle™ is 100% machine washable! And here's the coolest thing about nuzzle™, it's made from the same phase change fabric NASA uses in real space suits to regulate an astronaut's temperature. When you get hot, nuzzle™ automatically responds by cooling itself off so you're always at the optimal temperature!
Throw Away that Nasty Old Pillow!
Did you know that after only two years, one-third of the average pillow’s weight actually consists of dust mites? And worse than that, a substantial portion of that weight is from the dust mite feces!
Sleeping on a mite-infested pillow can cause hay fever, red and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itchy skin, and difficulty breathing. But beyond that, inhaling a ton of mite feces while you sleep every night is just plain gross!
Of course, old pillows are the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of microbes, and are full of nasty stuff like dried saliva and dead skin.
So why not ditch that old, disgusting, poop-filled pillow, and replace it with a nice new sanitary Nuzzle Pillow? You’ll sleep a hundred times better, and you’ll breathe easier, too!
Did you know that one-third of the average pillow’s weight actually consists of dust mites? But worse than that, a large portion of that weight is from the dust mite feces. And you breathe it in every night!
Why not ditch that old, disgusting, poop-filled pillow, and replace it with a nice new sanitary Nuzzle Pillow? You’ll sleep a hundred times better, and you’ll breathe easier, too!
Why Do You Need the Nuzzle Pillow?
Maintain Straight Spinal Alignment and Posture
Standard pillows can misalign your spine, causing problems like a stiff neck, lower back pain, and chronic headaches. They can create a poor posture that results in fatigue, a compressed airway, and numbness or tingling in the hands and feet.
Temperature Regulating
Standard pillows get too hot, causing you sweaty and uncomfortable sleep! But the phase change materials in Nuzzle Pillow (based on the same technology that NASA uses in their space suits) keep you warm and dry!
Easy Maintenance
100% machine washable to help prevent germs, bacteria & allergens for better health and skin.
Longer Lasting Pillow
Standard pillows lose their shape, meaning you have to constantly fluff them up or stack multiple pillows to get a decent sleep. Nuzzle was tested to keep it’s shape for 1,001 nights and days!
What Nuzzle Users are Saying
This Pillow is Perfect!
Neale O.
I always find it hard to get the perfect pillow. It needs to be the perfect height and just the right amount of softness. This pillow is perfect!
Yes, I recommend this product!
Do Yourself a Favor
Tony F.
We received 4 pillows last week. Every member of the family has one and everyone has commented how great their sleep is. These pillows are awesome and if you don't buy one and try it for yourself you are going to be missing out. Do yourself a favor.
Yes, I recommend this product!
No Other Pillow Can Compare!
Brendan O.
It’s everything Nuzzle promised! Love my new pillow and 100% would recommend. Wifey loves it and she wants one too! I’ve tried five other pillows costing just as much including bamboo and memory foam and none compare to this!
Yes, I recommend this product!
A Great Night’s Sleep!
Marcia K.
I followed the instructions to fluff up my pillows and put on the pillow slips. Proceeded to have a great night's sleep. :)
Yes, I recommend this product!
Extremely Comfortable Pillow!
David B.
I prefer a firmer pillow, and I must confess to some skepticism about how firm the Nuzzle pillow might be, having been disappointed by other makes in the past... But no complaints here! The pillow case is also a bonus--its silky smooth finish contributes to a good night's sleep.
Yes, I recommend this product!
First Impressions
Hansen H.
Finally received my pillows! First impressions - very soft and love the ability to adjust with the 2 inner layers. After a night's sleep, really liking it.
Yes, I recommend this product!
A Huge Improvement in Our Sleep!
Kate V.
We received our Nuzzle pillows last week and can already see a huge improvement in our quality of sleep! Love the ability to customize the height, I'm a stomach sleeper and always struggle to find a pillow that is low enough but still supportive. My husband loves his Nuzzle pillow, too! We can't wait for summer to hit so we can test out the cooling abilities, too.
Yes, I recommend this product!
I’m Hooked
Stewart C.
First night sleeping with this pillow and I’m already hooked. My previous fancy memory foam pillow got moved to my closet! I'm a side sleeper and have never quite found the right pillow but Nuzzle has filled this void, it’s supportive and soft, nice and cool. I used both inner layers and love it.
Yes, I recommend this product!
So Soft and Comfortable!
Lisa D.
This pillow is so soft and comfortable and it’s always the perfect temperature! No more pillows that get hot and yucky, this one stays the same perfectly cool temperature for the entire night! I use the medium setting and am super happy with my purchase. Thanks, Nuzzle Team!
Yes, I recommend this product!
I Love How Versatile This Pillow Is
Mike F. 
I had such a good sleep last night. I started off the night using both the soft and medium layers and quickly noticed that I preferred it lower. I then adjusted the pillow using only the medium layer and it was just right. I love how soft it is and I love how versatile it is. I can't wait to go to bed tonight!
Yes, I recommend this product!
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Try the Nuzzle Pillow – It’s Totally Risk-Free!
With the incredible sleep and potential health benefits you get with the Nuzzle Pillow, it’s a bargain at any price! But if you use the limited time discount when making your order, you’ll only pay $79.99 instead of the regular price of $138. That’s a huge savings opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on!
And just in case you aren't fully satisfied with the Nuzzle Pillow, we’re offering you our 30-day money-back guarantee. Send your package back and get a full refund, no questions asked!

What are the dimensions of the Nuzzle Pillow?

Our Standard Pillow size is 18 inches by 26 inches. Our King Pillow size is 18 inches by 33 inches.

Can I wash the pillow?

Yes! The outer cover of Nuzzle Pillow is washer-friendly and we've designed our Pillow to be easy to maintain and keep clean.
Wash Instructions:
1. Remove inserts from the outer Pillow cover
2. Wash outer Pillow cover in washer with cool water and mild detergent on a gentle cycle
3.     Tumble dry with low heat

What configurations can I set my Pillow in?

Every Nuzzle Pillow comes with three possible configurations depending on your personal preference. For stomach and back sleepers, we recommend the SOFT configuration. For back sleepers, we recommend the MEDIUM configuration. For side sleepers, we recommend using both inserts at the same time.

Do I need to fluff my Nuzzle Pillow before using it?

We recommend fluffing your Pillow before use and, if possible, daily. Just a quick fluff will do to keep your Pillow at maximum puffiness.

Is the pillow hypoallergenic?

Yes, the Nuzzle pillow is made from down alternative and is hypoallergenic, keeping good care of your skin year-round.
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